Transformational Results

Tulsi Wellness Cleanse Testimonials

The TULSI WELLNESS CLEANSE supports you in body, mind, spirit. Here are some astonishing results that people have shared with us…


WOW! Without feeling hungry, I lost 7 pounds during this cleanse. My whole body feels lighter.


I found that on day 1 of the cleanse, my energy was great and then it actually dropped a little bit for the next couple of days, but then all of a sudden, I felt like a kid again. I can’t remember the last time I had this much energy.


I have always had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.  When I woke up in the mornings I felt groggy and cranky.  After about the first week of the cleanse, I suddenly started sleeping really deeply and woke up feeling refreshed.


This was the easiest, best detox I’ve done. I guess cause of all the great nutrition I was getting from the smoothies, I never felt like I was lacking anything. I just felt healthier and stronger each day. I’ve benefited on so many levels doing this cleanse and am so so grateful to have taken part in it! Big big thank you. So much love and gratitude.



Just completed the three week TULSI WELLNESS CLEANSE and I can honestly say that the results far exceeded all my expectations! I had been suffering for abdominal discomfort for ages and none of the many tests etc. threw up any major causes. As such, my daily routine revolved around regular anti-acid and digestive medication. In addition I was overweight & often felt bloated & puffy! One week into the cleanse, I realised I did not need my regular medication and for the next two weeks and the few days post cleanse, I have been medication free! I have lost weight & feel so much lighter & healthier! I sleep better and tire less! More alert at work and just feel so much better ! The other big learning for me is the importance of dieting for detoxification and today after the cleanse, I am so much more alert as to what I am eating & how my body reacts to various foods. Having experienced the change, I think I will definitely continue with most of the diet requirements as well as the Tulsi Teas! Definitely a path breaking experience for me!
Thank you !!!!

Albert Rigbo


My skin feels so good. According to my husband, never felt softer, and again, according to him, I am glowing. To my mind, my skin is definitely softer, eyes are clearer. I have lost 2kgs, but more importantly have lost inches. I didn’t have an issue sleeping so cant say if that’s changed, but definitely got more energy and bounce


I really appreciated this cleanse. Thank you so much. It was so supportive. Wonderful that you included all aspects – exercise and rest etc, rather than just eating. My body feels much better and it changed some bad eating habits at the end of the cleanse I felt no desire to eat unhealthy foods. Felt very wholesome, thank you again, with love



When I first tried the TULSI WELLNESS CLEANSE, I was pleasantly surprised. I have spent the last decade of my life helping individuals through the detoxification process and doing cleanses myself personally. What I experienced while doing the TWCleanse is that I felt very nourished and satisfied, but it was strong enough that I felt signs of cleansing. I had mild itching of the skin, my bowels increased, and my skin had a funny smell to it for a few days. I was thrilled because the last several times I have taken cleanses, I didn’t experience much at all. The smoothies were so filling that on some days I just drank a morning smoothie and ate a cleansing lunch and just enjoyed the teas for the rest of the day. After the 21 days, I felt more energetic and my thinking felt clearer. I totally appreciated the well-rounded approach to body, mind, and spirit, including the meditation, breathing, and yoga support audio/videos. In fact, I loved it so much that now I am helping others walk through this experience for themselves!

Dr. Christy Garner


My borderline cholesterol came down to half, my thyroid counts came down, I lost 2 kgs and one dress size and my skin was glowing!


As I am packing my bag for Madagascar, I am leaving tomorrow morning for two weeks of renewal eco-spiritual journey, I am left with a feeling of deep fulfilment after nearly three weeks of TW Cleanse. I started the process with some level of excitement and apprehension as it is my first three weeks cleanse process. After an initial day where I experience some discomfort (mostly headache), I found the process gentle and easy to follow. The first week, I struggled with drinking so much quantity of liquid and I found myself taking toilet break every hour which was sometime challenging when I was travelling by car long distance. By week 2, the sugar, coffee and other sweet substances’ craving had gone. My energy level improve dramatically and I realise that my body was needing less sleep allowing me to wake up early and exercise. As the days went, I became more conscious of the quality of food that my body requires and took an unusual pleasure of seeking organic Vegan restaurants while traveling to different cities for work. My body was feeling much better, I lost a few kg, renewed my interest for Yoga, enjoying walking at sun rise with my wife who is training to walk the Camino trail in May. I have decided to continue the cleanse for another week and Smita was kind enough to organise another delivery of products. My goals have been fulfilled. I am definitely keen to stay on a clean diet as I am really enjoying my body, my food (so much more tasty when you are hungry), my alertness etc…Thank you for providing us with this new experience…The journey has been fulfilling!



I have just completed my TULSI WELLNESS CLEANSE. I feel so good, I have decided to live like this! Each one of the intentions I started with has been fulfilled, letting go of habits that no longer serve me, lightening up, and feeling even more present and alive than I do now. Also, each of the specific goals I set for myself have been realized – I have lost 2kgs, my cholesterol levels are reduced 18%, (my doctor was very impressed, he had wanted me to go on medication last month because the LDL level was “borderline high”, now he says its in the ‘ideal’ range, so I can obviously manage with my diet!) AND for the first time in many years struggling with candida overgrowth and IBS, my belly is finally at peace. An unexpected bonus is that my debilitating pre-menstrual migraines have almost disappeared – only the slightest discomfort remains. I am sleeping better and finding myself not as easily stressed as I was before. I am sure this is partly due to reducing my caffeine intake (and discovering I am naturally energetic without it!), but it is also because of the beautiful Relaxation Meditations you have provided for us. I am still working with your lovely Pranayama and Yoga videos. I haven’t been able to practice as much as I’d like, but I am so grateful to have these resources with me. I will also continue with the oil pulling and body brushing. I am really loving feeling more fully ‘embodied’ in my body and that I start regaining some flexibility! I will also continue to take the True Wellness Tulsi teas, especially the Tulsi Tummy and Tulsi Sleep, as well as the Tumeric and Liver Kidney Care supplements, and take care with how I nourish myself to allow this innate wellness to continue shining from within. I cannot thank you enough!