One Week Cleanse Preparation

The TULSI WELLNESS CLEANSE was born through collaboration; a collection of doctors, scientists, healers, naturopaths, and entrepreneurs came together to capture decades of theoretical and practical experience in health, well-being and detoxification, to create “a gift from consciousness”. The TWCleanse comes from our hearts, to your heart, to help you live healthily in this complex world and give you physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength.

Bharat Mitra, Founder and President, ORGANIC INDIA


The TWCleanse is a simple, easy to follow program to help you reclaim your health and create your own balanced lifestyle. Our sincerest intention is that this cleanse is a portal to a life that is filled with abundant health, abundant joy, and abundant freedom. By now we are sure that you’ve noticed that TWCleanse has been designed quite differently than most. It’s not just a box full of supplements and lists of foods that you should and shouldn’t eat. Instead, it has been designed to be a journey. A journey inside where you can free yourself of any physical and emotional limitations and empower your body’s natural healing ability to do what it was designed to do; create a healthy and happy YOU!

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During our time together, our goal is to help you re-establish your loving relationship with food. We have compiled recipes and snacks that are both great for your body while being enjoyable to your palate. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean deprivation. You don’t need to sacrifice enjoyment and pleasure for the sake of a small waist and a healthier body. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, get a little bit daring and try some foods and combinations that you may have never tried. Keep a list of the recipes and foods that make you smile. Did you know that the average person only rotates between 8-12 meals? That means that if you can start a collection of healthy recipes, you can easily crowd out those meals that aren’t consistent with your health goals.

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During this cleanse, you will also experience the power and intelligence of tonic herbs. The TWCleanse is founded on our ORGANIC INDIA efficacious herbs. These certified organic herbs are carefully cultivated, harvested and processed in order to provide you with the highest quality, most potent medicinal herbs on the planet. These herbs carry a vibration and intelligence that activate your body’s inherent knowledge to heal, to detoxify, and to support the immune system; they also provide antioxidants, anti-stress agents and anti-inflammatories, as well as being adaptogenic agents. These ORGANIC INDIA whole herbs contain the wisdom that can facilitate a deep healing experience at a cellular level.

We have built an entire team and community to support and encourage you throughout your cleansing journey. Please take time to familiarize yourself with your guidebook. It is our absolute expectation that when you follow the complete program presented in the guidebook, your TWCleanse will be the gateway for extraordinary transformative healing in your life!

Along with your purchase of the TULSI WELLNESS CLEANSE you have free membership in the TWCleanse Online Forum, which is facilitated by our True Wellness doctors and consultants. You also have access to the free TWC App and the members areas of our website, where you will have the opportunity to connect with other people who are on the program, find lots of resources and tools, and get answers to any questions you may have.

I have been working with healing herbs for over 40 years. For The TWCleanse we chose herbs to specifically help you detoxify – herbs to support your immunity, and herbs with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic qualities. These herbs will help to reduce toxicity, as well as the side effects of toxicity within your body, and promote a healthier life free from disease.

Dr. Narendra Singh
Medical Director, ORGANIC INDIA Pvt. Ltd. 1999-2012
Founder International Institute of Herbal Medicine

We look forward to walking together with you on this path to TRUE WELLNESS.